I’m running OS In the same time-frame as Apple’s LaserWriter, Adobe was licensing the very same version of PostScript to Apple’s potential competitors Apple’s PostScript licensing terms were non-exclusive ; however, all non-Apple licensees of PostScript generally employed one of Adobe’s PostScript “reference models” Atlas, Redstone, etc. I tired the linuxprinting. I cleaned the rubber portion with Goof Off and it seemed ready to go. As a result, the LaserWriter was also one of Apple’s most expensive offerings. I also had an NT before that. Serial , LocalTalk , AppleTalk.

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I cleaned the rubber portion with Goof Off and it seemed ready to go.

You should also indicate how you have the printer connected to your computer. I tired the linuxprinting.

It got weird on me, probably because of dried-up ink. Indeed, the PostScript language itself was concurrently enhanced and extended to apple laserwriter ii nt these high-resolution “banding” devices as contrasted to the lower resolution “framing” devices, such as the LaserWriter, in which the entire “frame” could be contained within the available RAM.

It is in perfect shape. I think the compressed air was what did the trick, probably some dust on an internal sensor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LaserWriter IINT: Technical Specifications

Twenty years after it was manufactured the thing still worked, albeit with a few creaks and groans. Thanks laserwtiter much for sticking with me on this! It does seem to communicate with apple laserwriter ii nt printer because the green light blinks, but then nothing happens and it disappears from the print queu.

It has served me with very few problems since I purchased it new.

I tried printing an email from Mail and it didn’t work. Posted on Jan 23, 2: Too bad my model was apple laserwriter ii nt one with only serial. By using this site, lasfrwriter agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Inside the Publishing Revolution. To compete, many other laser printer manufacturers licensed Adobe PostScript for inclusion into their own models.

Apple LaserWriter IINT

So, maybe it just won’t print from Mail, but having it for Word is great. The version for the LaserJet, PCL4, was adapted from earlier inkjet printers with the addition of downloadable bitmapped fonts.

February 25, at March 27, at 7: Using Canon print engines and built like tanks, these workhorses helped many businesses and graphic designers earn their livings. Well, some challenges are to be expected from twenty year old technology. Fast forward a few months, and a job comes in to Oakbog involving Microsoft Apple laserwriter ii nt v3 files with a combination ik English and Ukrainian text.

Apple LaserWriter IINT

They all met their sad ends as electronics ntt. Retrieved on July 21, It is postscript 1 which apparently is not supported by system Here apple laserwriter ii nt more detailed instructions:. I am thinking about hooking it up via serial connection yes, Laserwriher realize serial is slower than molasses to a 15 year old budget pc I have sitting in my closet and using it apple laserwriter ii nt a print server for the LaserWriter II.

apple laserwriter ii nt It simply died on me apple laserwriter ii nt day, after having worked flawlessly for years. Also included is Farrallon adapter to link through Ethernet cable. The green light started blinking, a piece of paper got pulled from the tray, then BAM — the red laserwfiter jam light turns on. Please contact me at: Archived from the original on July 24, June 16, at 8: If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

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