Mobile phone companies operating in Romania. In order to make phone calls you have to activate this service first through the first phone call. How can I top up while abroad? You can unlock your mobile phone by using a special card, available in mobile phone shops. Retrieved 5 October By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Information provided by the customers of all landline and mobile operators, such as: Also, when you buy the new SIM card, you will receive a digi mobil phone number that allows digi mobil to use the Digi Mobil offers and services. What happens when I receive a call on my Italian number while in Romania?

It must be sent by e-mail at digi mobil digimobil. This service is not available yet. Your credit gets transferred the moment we receive the notice from digi mobil donor operator. There are 3 ways to unlock your phone: With Digi Mobil Italia, international roaming charges are based mboil on the destinations zones and countries from which you make the call, regardless of the local operators involved.

Romania Hungary Italy Spain. Mobile phone companies operating in Romania.

Customer Service

To use our services in Romania as well, you will need an unlocked 3G mobile phone. Digi mobil provides services in Romania as well as in Spain, Hungary, and Italy.

This service gets activated automatically on your SIM card and it is available only on your Italian number. While in Italy you must select your Italian digi mobil number; in doing so, your Romanian number will have digi mobil signal. To do so, contact our Customer Service at You can find more information about roaming charges on our webpage under Tariffs and Roaming. Fill in the online form available under “Area Abbonato” on the following website: Archived from the original on April 16, The new telephone books will be based on this database.

All those customers whose phone digl are published in the Digi mobil Address Books may be contacted for commercial purposes and market researches.

RCS & RDS – Wikipedia

To surf the Internet you will need a 3G mobile phone set up as follows: You don’t need to buy a new SIM card digi mobil you transfer your number. When the whole process digi mobil finished, you will enjoy all the offers you chose on your transferred number.

Yes, you can use your current SIM card. Which are the roaming charges? Why is my phone not working?

Check your phone signal when you’re in Italy or in Romania. Contact our customer service to find out the nearest point of sale. Digi mobil, satellite, and other speciality television providers in Europe. What other Digi Mobil Italia services are digi mobil in roaming? mogil

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What is Digi Mobil Italia roaming service and how digi mobil it work? DIGI Italy engages in replying to every complaint within 30 days from the date of reception. If it doesn’t, digi mobil can do it manually by following these easy steps: This article needs additional citations for verification.

If your complaint gets rejected, digi mobil company will inform you in writing, explaining the reason of rejection digi mobil indicating all carried out verification. Beside the base package, it offers additional subscriptions. Can I call to other countries apart from Italy and Romania?

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