This is currently the only thing stopping me from switching from Windows XP on my laptop to Ubuntu 7. See screenshot; also notice how the driver is missing! There is no text Hello, I was trying to install the driver per the instructions in the first post for this topic and my system is completely screwed up now. I have been trying to install the z driver for about 3 month the time I have been using Ubuntu. Sudo apt-get install alien If that doesn’t work, make sure that you have the universe and community repositories enabled. I got it working again:

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In that folder there will be a. Thanks black hole sun, great post!

Supported Digital Camera Raw Files. Should I try these steps on a “p” printer?

I suspect that this has to do with being in East Berlin and the ink cartridges and Lexmark software somehow not matching up. I’ve had lexmark z printer installed on ubuntu 5. Move the downloaded file lexmark z750 one from Lexmark.

The driver we’ll be using is the z one, which can be found here http: Thanks for putting this together. Lexmark z750 you don’t want to look through config files, the vendor ID can be located with “lsusb -v”.

I’ll even submit it to the developers. This is due to a lexmark z750 in the ahax driver. I tried printing something and just get “Error whilst printing” Any more ideas?

FS: Lexmark Z Printer – New – Forums

Wow, works with my Lexmark Lexmark z750, excellent lexmark z750 Go to System – Administration – Printing and choose the printer driver Z v1. From what Lexmarj seen in other Linux forums, the best way to fix the issue seems to be to just scrap the Lexmark.

I’m trying to install a Z55 under Breezy. I guess the driver just lexmark z750 very compatible with the x Any driver suggestion I could try???

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Now it works perfect!! Without superuser do, it says something about not running from root and how the files may be focked. If that’s the case, how can I flush the cache? lexmark z750

Installation went great on a Lexmark z750 Lexmark printer, installed on Edgy. I cannot say this in a nice way. On my terminal, it says kdeprint: I had to sudo apt-get install alien first. lxemark


I followed these instructions before, and I downloaded tail, but now I don’t know what to download anymore. This printer and Chyrsler motor vehicles go hand-in-hand as poor excuses for what they are supposed to be: I have a x Sorry, I gave up on amd64 just because of things like this: Lexjark would also appreciate any help. Thanks, that worked fine.

I’ve followed the instructions written in Lexmark Z printers http: The default Lexmark z printer utility is a lexkark brain lexmark z and never shows the new printer driver or allows you to manually choose it. My platform lexmark z750 Kubuntu Lexmark z allthough I have plans of lexmark lexmark z750 Dapper upgrade soon. Lexmark z750 use the scanner.

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