SQ high x, max. A moderate amount of noise is visible in the blue background, much of which could be coming from the poster itself. On the included 8MB card, you can take up to 23 seconds of x video, or about seconds at x One of my favorite accessories for any digicam is a remote control and Olympus has been supplying this little gem with all of their top of line cameras for a while now. You may also like. You get the benefit of true TTL viewing plus all exposure and camera data is also displayed on the screen. The C is able to distinguish between the red and magenta color blocks on the middle, horizontal color chart, a problem area for some digicams.

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The shutter release has the zoom lens control mounted around it. These two “big guns” have 10X and 6X optical zooms, respectively. The shot above was taken in shutter priority mode, and you can olympus c2100 see how I froze the action in this olympus c2100. The C does a reasonably good job here, though it loses some of the detail in the olympus c2100 bright bay window area.

May 28, The battery door has a safety latch and thanks to the side by side design, battery changes can be swift. Below this level, you’ll be reduced to guessing, or sighting along the lens barrel like a gunsight.

Olympus C-2100 UZ

We shot this image using the automatic white balance mode, as it produced olympus c2100 very accurate white value, with great color rendition throughout the image. Optical stabilization for steady shots even at full zoom and lower light.

One other nice feature is the ability olympus c2100 rotate photos, by using the macro and drive buttons.

Award-winning fashion and celebrity photographer Markus Klinko recently tested out the Godox EC flash olympus c2100 head.

The image looks crisp and clear throughout, evidenced by the detail visible in the pine needles and tree branches olympus c2100 the sky, as well as in the bricks and shrubbery.

DCRP Review: Olympus C Ultra Zoom

olympus c2100 You can capture up to 5 images at 1. May 23, The image looks good and crisp, with a lot of fine detail visible throughout. Slow synchronisation first-curtain synchronisation effect, second-curtain synchronisation effect. What I didn’t care for: May 22, 30 camera news.

Yes, there were some olympus c2100, most notably from Sony, but for the most part you were out of luck if you wanted something bigger.

Olympus C UZ – Wikipedia

Interestingly enough, the Hard setting seems to improve the magenta color cast, causing the white of the small resolution target to olympus c2100 slightly more accurate. The long zoom ratio is impressive as it is, but we found the resulting pictures to be unusually free from distortion, olympus c2100 we didn’t expect to find in a lens with opympus long a zoom ratio. The Olympus C UltraZoom features the same 2.

The follow-up to the original K-1 is here, built like a tank like its predecessor, with improvements to AF Tracking. High olympus c2100, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important.

Olympus C-2100UZ Review

May 25, We also noticed that the noise pattern became olympus c2100 more ilympus with the Hard sharpness setting. Manual focus with steps and magnified viewfinder assist. The big button in the middle controls the color Olympus c2100 and also lets you quickly switch from Rec to Play mode.

S-Program mode is a new feature for Olympus cameras, which borrows a concept seen for a long time olympus c2100 Casio’s cameras. Olypus olympus c2100 was fairly fine-grained though, which reduced its visible impact. Instead of looking through glass, you’re looking at a small LCD screen, which sees exactly what the CCD of the camera is seeing.

May 29, 37 camera news.

A moderate amount of noise is visible in the roof shingles as well. Leica M7 film camera comes to an end. The flash appears to be particularly well olympus c2100 to incandescent room illumination, meaning that olympus c2100 flash olmpus room lighting blend very well, without harsh contrast or color shifts.

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