If you do this, then you can probably use Wi-Fi to sync. General Tab – Device status should state: Or is anyone working on it? Palm Desktop Software Version: So, for anyone else with this issue, here is what I had to do to get my Palm Calendar to sync by bluetooth with Palm Desktop on my 64 bit Windows 10 computer: Now that palm desktop and hotsync are installed, read the manual for your palm model in order to learn how to sync your Palm with your computer via bluetooth.

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However, Palm hotsync usb still don’t believe there should be an issue with the syncing process deleting your Palm’s calendar data even if you just leave it as the synchronize option.

Then palm hotsync usb the Palm Foleo, if you got to spare. There is no way to tell either the laptop nor the Palm Desktop software that Ubs want to use a USB port, I hotsyync the HotSync button on the craddle, but nothing happens, there is no sync made at all.

It’s not compatible with versions and later. Or backup into an SD card? Palm Desktop Software Htosync This is a brand new machine. I had a Palm III with a serial cradle before, and I just bought this m to replace it after years of palm hotsync usb service.

So, just click skip and finish the install. If it doesn’t work, post a new questionor try another method.

USB not an option in hotsync manager | – SmartPhone and PDA Discussion

Here is a link to download the Aceeca 64 bit drivers: First off, thanks for the research, but, all of the current software to sync palms with tbird are beta at best palm hotsync usb tbird 2. Indeed Palm Hotsync is not Open Source. Discussion Boards Open Menu. It shows up in the Device manager as a palm device but when i select Hotsync it just doesn’t run. Plug the cradle into the USB port I would suggest installing the Palm Desktop software from the user account you will be palm hotsync usb from.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling a number of times now, and it hasn’t helped. So, it’s either breaking down while it’s trying to put entries in palm hotsync usb registry, or it’s dying on whatever step comes immediately after that. I don’t know what was confusing it.

You will see four tabs. Message 10 of 56Views. You should see “Palm Handheld – Attach”. Don’t worry; this is fine.

See, for example, this forum thread. This is a very important thing to always do when using 6.

Tablets and Mobile Devices. But they are not configurable for different locales.

64 Bit Windows7/8/8.1/10 USB drivers for Palm Desktop

I certainly know for a fact that the Desktop is not installing properly, but the big palm hotsync usb is one of what is making it choke? What happens on the next HotSync attempt after you install the driver? May 1, – 4: I downloaded the drivers into a folder on my computer called “Downloads”. It still doesn’t have a USB option. It never installs any hotaync in the palm hotsync usb menu, either.

Your Device Manager will look like this:

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