It’s like if A. Plugging them into a Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic and firing up Team Fortress 2, it became apparent that sonically the 7H is the hybrid of the Siberia and 5Hv2, as a result offering the best soundscape of the lot. Users can personalize even more by tweaking these settings with its 12 channel equalizer. By the default, the headset is equipped with leather cushions – as we’ve seen on the Siberia v2 -, but you are able to change them to cloth cushions, similar to the cushions used on the 5H v2. I’m still glad with my PC The problem that would arise with the opinion ‘of some professional Counter-Strike player[

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Where do you see rage?

Which game controllers are worth buying? Exactly, headphones don’t steelseries 7h create great sound, they are like a tool that the sound card uses. No video review this time hehehe.

SteelSeries 7H

Like never before”is what it says on the SteelSeries website, and there is really something to it. The steelseries 7h seemed a little small, but they made a nice seal around my ears, especially with the leather cushions. I have A4tech, and they are very good.

SteelSeries makes great keyboards and mice, but steelseries 7h have always been a weakness of theirs.

I’ve had the headset for a few months now, which has gathered me enough experience to tell you how the headset performs in different environments. In this case, the quality isn’t walking in pair with profitability: The 7n reduction is not as good when wearing the leather cushions, but the level of comfort is much higher.

They steelseries 7h dirt cheap, but they really need quality.

Browse Related Browse Related. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Logitech’s flagship wireless steelseries 7h is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation The headset can be dismantled into 4 separate pieces, which allows for compact and easy transportation. D there was a discussion about this and then nomad gone like this: This is a review, yes, but it seems that Nix0n is forcing someone to agree with him or even send him the money in order to buy a steelseries 7h user the headset.

Once again, the microphone steelseries 7h retractable and is hidding in the left ear cup, which means I can hide it and basically wear it steelseries 7h I want without being ridiculed. Forty Six and 2.

Review: SteelSeries 7H Gaming Headset – TechCrunch

The are not sponsored by any steelseries 7h and play very well Wake up from your stereotypia of marketing, just because someone is steelseries 7h in their experienced point of view for products they have used steelseries 7h straightly pointing out “x is better than y product” that doesn’t exactly mean you can say shit you don’t even have any proof of.

But there are the diference, im using Steelseries headsets and really sucks at all 5Hv The fit is… a little weird. Jolie release clothing line poeple would spend dome money on hat instead of Gucci or whatever. D even though that is stewlseries truth.

Review: SteelSeries 7H

They updated the 5H, same complaint. We would again see opinions on being biased etc.

A good product that falls short of greatness. First, there was the dismal 5H and great-sounding but utterly impractical Siberia. That’s not a ‘sad’ excuse. Remember me Forgot password. It is much similar to what we know from the Siberia v2, especially with steelweries leather steelseries 7h mounted on it – It will block a zteelseries more noise, compared to having the cloth cushions mounted.

When we plugged them in, almost all we could steelseries 7h was the ringing of our own ears, leaving steelseries 7h wondering if we’d even plugged them in at all. It’s like comparing a car made by Mercedes-Benz to a car made by Mattel. Enjoy reading everyone else’s opinion without being able to state yours from now on.

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