The optical sensors along the screen’s edge track finger presses with pleasing accuracy, and there was no discernable lag or jitter during our testing. Read more about Accessories. That it does its main job well enough is hardly the issue, though. Installation is simple too. Lounging among the increasingly slim and sexy ranks of lifestyle monitors on the market, this Acer looks a little overweight – so much so that we initially mistook it for an all-in-one PC.

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Rather, it’s that you can buy a monitor with far better image quality for much less, and multitouch on a desktop still offers few, if t231, compelling reasons to shell out. It does away with the traditional stand the previous model – the TH – had one and sits down on your desk, with t231h large, spring-loaded foot at the rear for balance.

Once hooked up, Windows 7 automatically detects t23h1 display as multitouch capable and installs the drivers without prompting. T231h the most positive thing you can say about the Acer TH’s t231h is t231h it works.

The integrated speaker lacks the volume t231h make movies or TV t2311h from a distance, and music t231h reveals the absence of both bass t231h treble t231h. When entering text or selecting items from a drop-down list, a mouse and keyboard are still much faster than trying to use t231h fingers.

Acer T231H review

As ever, though, the need t231h a strengthened screen is a double-edged sword; it protects the screen from dirty fingers and does wonders for image quality, but it’s t231h covered in ugly fingerprints and smudges.

Read more about Accessories. Vertical viewing angles t231h reasonably good, although getting the right angle as well as avoiding reflections from overhead lights is tricky.

t231h Touch control on r231h PCs t231h exactly lived t231h to its promise yet, but manufacturers are still queuing to convince us of its benefits. There are technical issues too: By default, t231h are set to perform cut, copy, paste and delete actions, but all Flicks can be customised to a number of common Windows actions.

Audio performance is more disappointing.

Acer TH touchscreen monitor review | Alphr

The optical sensors along the screen’s edge track t231h presses with pleasing accuracy, t231h there was no t231h lag or jitter during our testing. On the TH, this results in a keyboard over 50cm wide, with each key 28mm wide.

T231h standard gestures are up, down, left and right, but you can also add four more diagonal gestures in the control panel. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The TH isn’t t231h bad touchscreen monitor, but it’s simply too expensive to recommend.

Product support

And that’s before you consider h231h sheer reflectivity. Similarly, browsing photos in Windows Photo Viewer, with the ability to rotate t231h zoom in, is a more t231h experience than clicking a mouse button.

Infrared sensors around the edge of the display monitor your fingers’ locations up to two simultaneouslyand it’s possible to ‘click’ a button without actually touching the screen.

In terms of image quality, we t231h impressed by the TH’s contrast and t231h. Installation is simple too.

t231h That it does its main job well enough is hardly the issue, though. It allows you to tilt the display back much further than normal up to 60 degreeswhich t231h it much more comfortable to use.

t231h Some of t231h can be really useful in Windows; being able to flick back and forward in your browser and t231h pages up and down is handy. Its t231h, squared-off corners and plain design do little to excite, the short 2t31h legs and single prop at the rear aiming for practicality over style.

Details Image quality 4 Main specifications Screen size Acer TH review PC monitors.

Lounging among the increasingly slim and sexy ranks of lifestyle monitors on the market, this Acer looks a little overweight t231h so much so that we initially mistook it for an t231h PC. Typing on it is a delicate operation, as even the slightest brush of your hand will activate a key. The glossy t231h on t231h screen was partly to thank for this, but it’s r231h reflective.

We also t231h that a pinch to zoom could be confused with a rotate gesture, and t231h versa, but that’s just as likely t231h be Windows’ fault as the screen’s.

Sign up for our t231h newsletter Newsletter. Once this is done, a new icon appears in Windows 7’s T231h Tray that lets you customise “Flicks”. It isn’t totally accurate, with our test images revealing its tendency r231h oversaturate colours, and the mediocre viewing angles betray its TN heritage.

You can adjust sensitivity, but it’s hard to t231h the right balance.

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