The Titleist D2 driver is a good improvement on the version. First, a note about the G LST. It provided the stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: All this more rearward weight makes for an improved MOI, which prevents face rotation during off center hit for straighter shots. Personally, I found the most consistent results with the D2.

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Titleist 913 D2 Driver

Can’t wait to see these. My normal shot pattern is straight or titleist d13 slight fade; therefore, I was surprised to hit a shot pattern that was a straight to slight draw.

It titleist d13 also 2 titleist d13 lighter than the ‘s face insert, allowing that mass to be redistributed to the new SureFit Tour weight low on the clubhead. This golf club has been well used, but not abused.

Shots were like a knuckleball coming off the clubface. Titlelst shaft is massively overrated. I agree with all the great comments about the D2 ann D3.

Personally, I found the most consistent results with the D2. If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you titleist d13 welcome to do that at your own expense.

Had I not gotten the Titleist, I would have gotten the Ping. The G LST had a loft of 10 degrees, and it was adjusted to 9. They are also Titleist’s most titleist d13 and forgiving drivers, primarily the result of improved launch conditions from a lower, more optimal center of gravity CG position, a new rear SureFit Titleist d13 weight and the fitting precision provided by the SureFit Tour adjustable hosel.

Titleist 913 D2 and D3 Driver Editor Review

The removable pentagon titleist d13 rear weight is larger than the previous circular weight on the models.

You can raise or lower the s13 as well as open or close the face.

Oct – First Titleist d13 The first thing to note is how appealing the clubheads are at address. Customer Reviews Displaying 5 out of 66 Reviews.

The Bassara is designed to produce a high ball flight. Paul Feb 3, at I was sold on the looks alone. This driver is slightly larger and delivers a slightly higher launch angle and spin rate as compared to the cc D3 driver. It is amazing how much distance you can get when the ball is bounding up the middle titleist d13 the short grass.

The stock 45″ length for standard swingweight is so much easier to control than some of the competitors’ William McGimpsey Jan 22, at d1 I hit a low ball and this driver helped me great a really good launch angle consistently. Can’t wait till Titleist d13.

The D2 driver features a cc full-pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias, while the D3 has a cc classic-pear shape that is forgiving titleist d13 tour-inspired workability. This titleist d13 is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. The was tilteist consistent and always about 5 yards further when hit equally.

Used Titleist D2 Driver at

After titleist d13 a few minutes you should feel at ease. The rush of wa Before this driver I had the Taylormade burner superfast and the blows titlsist out of the water. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Softer-flexed shafts tend to lead to higher spin conditions, as do lower titleist d13 point designs. To accomplish this, the CG in the D2 was lowered to produce similar launch and spin to D3. Titleist d13 tell the story on c

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