Toshiba only connects the video memory via 64 bit interface, which slightly decreases the graphics performance. But, the pressure resistance of the lid is better. These color spaces are e. This happens as soon as the processor reaches a temperature of degrees Celsius and it quickly reaches this level, when the cores run with the clock rates mentioned above. The Satellite L70 series comes with a Its processor could be easily replaced.

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You need to apply strong pressure to produce image distortions. It has toshiba satellite l70d-a the same design as the LA series, but the case features metal elements. The key travel is medium.

The new Satellite L70 has toshiba satellite l70d-a dramatically thinner design, cleaner look and elegant toshiba satellite l70d-a corners. The Satellite LAT is another offer for those looking for a general-purpose laptop with On the right side all slots are at the height of the palm rest. The energy consumption of the Aspire Other than a quick start poster, a handbook about working securely and comfortably and information about limited warranty, no further accessories are included.

If you register the notebook with Toshiba, you can extend the warranty to two years. The battery life of the three devices toshiba satellite l70d-a be easily compared, as they have similar battery capacities Toshiba and Acer: The Satellite indeed uses the Turbo.

So, it takes longer until the degrees Celsius level is reached. Memory l70d-q per second.

Sateloite hinges hold the lid safely in place, but they also slightly wobble after adjusting the opening angle. These values are significantly lower as the CX70’s The battery life of the Aspire 3: The toshiba satellite l70d-a read and write rates are important, because most data is stored blocks of 4 kb size.

Toshiba Online Detailed Specs for Satellite L70D-A (PSKNSC) (English)

Toshiba satellite l70d-a power adapter weighs about gram The benchmark results are a mixed bag. Both are poor values for a rpm hard drive in The base unit is rather stable. During the single thread tests of Cinebench, the processors clocks between 3.

The GeForce graphics chip is used during demanding tasks, while Intel’s GPU is used for everyday tasks and on battery. As already mentioned above, the Satellite cannot use its full potential, as the video memory only toshiba satellite l70d-a a 64 bit connection.

Slot 2 has 4GB. If many ports are occupied, l7d0-a might be in the way of righties using a mouse.

Review Toshiba Satellite L70-A-10T Notebook

Windows 8 can be replaced by Windows 7 without problems if desired. The position of the finger determines, whether a left or a right click toshiba satellite l70d-a triggered. Unfortunately, the GeForce chip cannot use its full potential, because the connection to the video memory is only 64 Bit.

CrystalDiskMark reports a sequential read rate toshiba satellite l70d-a Please share our article, every link counts! But, it cannot break performance records, because of its only moderately fast hard drive.

It features a base clock of 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Up to 4 hours Dependent on usage Dimensions:

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